In her paintings Petra Fox (born 16.1.1967) creates an artistic experience simply by using form, colour and light.

Her pieces of art convey a dynamic powerful aura. In them the artist takes reality as inspiration and changes it into the abstract. It is her aim to create harmony which can be felt between the works and their viewers. With this kind of art the expressive and expression enhancing elements of form are ultimately used. Abstract parts are merging, which produce timeless impressions like music enriches songs. Ms Fox’s works are poetic masterpieces which animate all paintings and link them with the creative power of the artist. Not all pictures have titles, thus the viewers are free to establish their personal attitudes. For Petra Fox art is an adventure in a world that can only be explored by those who are willing to take risks. What is moving her when painting is not the intention to depict topographically correct areas. For the area we live in is not entirely qualified by certain fixed characteristics, but is changing like memories, moods and imaginations are changing, too.

For her it is much more important to open new facettes or spaces of colour with internal linked structures, calm zones, explosions, it is vital to be conjoined in a world in which we live now and beyond now – the universal, the divine. She is interested in the balance between reality and image.
Features which can appear in reality, 3-dimensional forms, clouds, water, earth, light and air are playing with colour. At the same time they mirror erosions of our life, our time, our history. Hence, by coincidence and on purpose layers are produced on the canvas that develop into spaces. They may trigger associations with persons, nude, land, sea or interiors. Thus for the artist painting becomes remembrance, sketch, game, the at tempt to freeze time. Also visual memories are linked with this process: Sometimes – respectfully being aware of the distance – she simply wants to drag a piece of Guardi’s sky into her picture or to toy with the ambiguous chiffres of ship and seafaring in Caspar David Friedrich’s work.

The flow of energy driving her is also prevalent in her interesting graphic images, which she consciously designs, on the one hand in a vivid and on the other hand in a calm and relaxed, nearly playful, a meditating way of drawing. Furthermore, also her primarily wooden objects or wall sculptures that are created additionally using materials like glass and crystal resemble this energy.

Petra Fox has been working as independent artist since 1997 and enriches the regional, national and international art scene with her regular exhibitions and artistic events.

Discover her art on this website under Bilder (pictures), Kristallbilder (crystal pictures) and Skulpturen/Objekte (sculptures/objects).

Like in a déja-vu, in an essay by the French philosopher Michel Foucault entitled ‘Different Spaces’ I found the description which I also would like to apply to the spaces traced by me: ‘The space of our perception, the space of our dreams, the space of our desires – they contain inner qualities; it is a light, ethereous, transparent space, or it is a dark, stone cold, closed space which is flowing like water; it is a space which is solid and frozen like stone or crystal.

Petra Fox




International presentations and exhibitions in Paris, London, New York, Basel, Meran, Munich and Berlin

Vernissage: Thursday, September 26, 2019
Galerie Christoph Bacher, Vienna

current exhibition: HOTEL DONAUSCHLINGE 


Now and again, Petra Fox publishes calendars with her own work.
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Exhibition in Berlin – Hotel Adlon Kempinski (2015)

Auction result as of December 2009 – Picture S 33, 80 x 60cm, Acryl on wood, Book page 19 – SFR 6.900,– also see



Art book with selected pictures
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BMW Steyr, September 2012
presentation of the exclusive
calender for BMW Steyr