Petra Fox masters her painting just by using forms, colors and light. Her pictures let a dynamic and forceful aura unveil.
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Next to picture Petra Fox’s second passion are sculptures and other objects. She uses different materials such as wood, metal as well as pottery parts.
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Petra Fox


The person behind the art, the artist behind the picture, the creator behind the sculptures. Also see her calendars and books.
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Current exhibitions

Exhibition in the Galerie ART IST gallery, Neuer Platz 7, Klagenfurt, starting October 15, 2021

Exhibition at e-motion, Bad Hall, Austria

Past exhibitions

Exhibition in Berlin - Hotel Adlon Kempinski (2015)

Internationale presentations and exhibitions in London, Barcelona, Toronto, Oslo, Munich and Berlin;


auction house ZELLER, Lindau, "147. Internationale Bodensee-Kunstauktion" November 26-28, 2020;  LOT No. 1241, 1242

at Kinsky  - Juni 8, 2016,  LOT No. 0560
Schätzpreis €10,000 to € 18,000

Bore, 2014
Acrylic on canvas; framed ;130×75cm
Signed bottom left: Petra Fox
Signed and dated on the backside: Petra Fox, Bore 2014, WVZ 460

Auction Result December 2009 - Picture 33, 80 x 60cm, Acrylic on wood, Book page 19 - SFR 6,900 also see


Art Book with selected picture
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BMW Steyr, September 2012
Presentation of the exclusive calendar
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Petra Fox sometimes publishes calenders with her work.
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